Friday, June 4, 2010

John's Wetls - Mexican breakfast on flat bread

Watawieh yorlyi. We have had quite a lot of wind and rain recently, and it was on one such Saturday that we settled in for a day of movies or jigsaws and watched the glorious rains fall from the skies.

So here I was watching the rain after a leisurely lay-in-bed thinking what to cook for breakfast.

I check the kitchen supplies - no bread, but plenty of ripe avocado, tomatoes, onions, bacon, and eggs, and the brain starts ticking slowly, (it is Saturday morning after all), and Ah Ha! something clicks and I think Mexican. I love Mexican flavours – that fresh crisp salty heat teamed with the creaminess of avocado and eggs.

So hetieh myse (here is my) recipe for John’s Mexican breakfast on flat bread (serves 4).


Flat bread: one teaspoon of dry yeast; one cup warm milk; ½ teaspoon cumin; pinch of salt; one table spoon butter; two cups flour.

Mix yeast with milk and sit for five to 10 minutes. Mix flour, cumin, and salt, add butter and mix through. Pour in yeast, stir with a spatula, add more flour if needed or if a bit dry, and add a little warm water. We are after a soft dough. Knead for five minutes then set to one side in a warm place while you prepare the other parts of the breakfast.

Gaucamole: one medium tomato diced; ½ onion diced; one clove garlic minced; one teaspoon lime juice; ½ teaspoon cumin; ½ teaspoon coriander; one Norfolk cannonball avocado, or a couple of those little haas ones they get overseas; ½ teaspoon chilli sauce.

Mash avocado with cumin, coriander, lime juice, and a good sprinkle of salt flakes. Then mix remainder of ingredients and sit to one side.

Four eggs; four rashers of bacon; a cup of grated cheese.

While the bread is rising make the guacamole, then fry the bacon and eggs. We want the eggs sunny side up and still runny.

Now roll the dough in a sausage and cut in to eight pieces, then flatten out with a rolling pin to 20 cm rounds.

Preheat a flat cast iron pan or grill. You want it nice and hot. Put on the flat breads one by one and watch the bubbles rise then turn over (about a minute to each side).

You will get that nice toast smell that lets you know its cooked. Place on a plate and continue to cook remaining flat breads.

So now assemble the breakfast. Place a flat bread on each plate, then a generous spoonful of guacamole on each bread, top with bacon, then an egg. Sprinkle on cheese and top with a teaspoon chilli sauce.

And serve with a great coffee and relax.

It got the thumbs up from my son Joshua (11 years). I love the fact that the kids scoffed this dish down with the all the onions, tomatoes and avocado.

So give it a go on your next rainy, lazy morning.

Remember life is good. Take the time to watch the rain, its our blessing from the heavens.

Thanks f’ awa. John

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