Monday, May 24, 2010

John's Wetls - Porpai Icecream

It’s porpai (red cherry Gauva) season on Norfolk so it’s a great time for making porpai pies, or juice or jam, or even icecream.

I had a Bounty dinner (island style food) to cook for BAUNTI EXCURSIONS (a tour company) and their 29 guests recently. Because I love using seasonal produce, I loaded up the kids and their friends and ventured up the mountain to beautiful Palm Glen where plenty of porpai grows.

The kids ended up having a porpai fight and got absolutely covered but we eventually ended up with a bucket or porpai.

Porpai has a flavour of its own. It’s a great fruit for icecream, and is very high in Vitamin C too. If you can’t get porpai you can substitute any other fruit such as strawberrys, cherries etc. Porpai does have a nice tang and really suits this recipe.

I served this icecream with a traditional Norfolk coconut pie and it was a real hit.

So give it ago the kids will love it along with the adults.

Porpai Icecream (makes two litres)

Ingredients: Four egg whites, one litre porpai juice, one litre thick whipping cream, one cup castor sugar.

Whip the egg whites till thick and glossy, add the sugar, blend in, follow with the cream then add juice. Continue blending with a beater until thick and smooth.

Place in container in freezer, after two hours give it a quick whip to keep it nice and light. Repeat twice more after two hours then leave over night.

I ran the porpai through my juicer which gave me a rather thick juice. The amount of sugar to add will vary with the acidity of the fruit you use.

Hope you enjoy.

See yorlyi morla, John